Clara’s Roots, Skipping Stone Magazine vol. 26 no. 1 Jan-Mar. 2014. Food origin tale about the potato and the girl who discovered it.



Rowan’s Too Big Adventure – A young boy wishes to be big and takes a ride in a spaceship one night. He realizes that he might not be as ready to be big as he thought.

Perfect Scarf – A boy wants to knit himself a scarf for winter. Working through the seasons he must learn the three Ps of practice patience and persistence.

Nesha’s Wish – Nesha does not want to fetch water from the river every morning and be late for school. She tries to figure out a way around this problem.

What’s That?! – During a child’s first sleepover, there are strange noises and creatures. The child realizes that when you solve the mystery of what is making the noise, it often not that scary.

Who Walks? —Throughout a stroll with her parents, a toddler sees many people walking for many reasons. 

Movement Heals: How Joseph Pilates Overcame Asthma and Created an Exercise Revolution -- Joseph Pilates overcame asthma and rickets as a child in process of developing a new method of exercise.

Benji’s Hill/ La Colina de Benji — When Benji visits Tia Katy, he discovers snow and sledding. What looked fun on TV appeared quite different in real life. After a lot of preparation and attempts, Benji finds the courage to try. Bilingual story.

Sissieretta Jones: Like Sunshine to Flower - Sissieretta Jones loved to sing and became the highest paid African American singer in the 1800s. She never sang in an opera even though that was her dream because of discrimination based on her race and sex.

Stay Still!!! — Thalia loves to build but not to read. The letters twirl and whirl. Luckily she learns to use her building skills to crack open the world of books and join the other kids laughing and smiling while they read.

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