New Growth

While a new tree is not visible yet from the stump of the beautiful cherry/birch tree I wrote about many months ago, I found another example of a combination tree in the neighborhood. Here a pine tree is benefiting from another tree. During my walk I thought about how often we believe we are the only one dealing, facing and encountering a problem or situation. Whether it is personal, political or public, if we can time to reflect and recall we are not alone, everything might not feel so overwhelming. It amazes me how many different types of people exist in this world. If I can think of something, it is almost guaranteed that someone else has thought of it as well. I like being part of a community.

As I begin the research for a pb on Elizabeth Buffum Chace, I see how people can work together in different ways for a common goal. If it is out lobbying, giving speeches, forming relationships or writing articles, each action is necessary and part of a larger whole.

May the trees continue to help each other and maybe we, humans, can imitate them.